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The Company

MTC Europack Ltd operates along the whole supply chain, from the raw materials to the high-quality finished product and production lines. Our emphasis is on state-of-the-art service to the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical sector. 

We provide on-time, innovative and cost effective solutions for your products. 

Our main operations are:

  • The provision of integrated packaging solutions to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • Design and development of innovative packaging including mould creation.
  • Design consulting and engineering of pharmaceutical and cosmetics production lines.
  • Supply of high quality excipients and intermediates for human and veterinary use.

Most of our services and products are offered via a network of highly qualified international business partners. You can always count on MTC Europack?s professional services to deliver comprehensive and cost effective solutionsto your organization.

Honesty, professionalism, responsibility and consistency are the principles which transform our philosophy into the everyday running of the company.

We are committed to continuous improvement and to providing quality and competitive products and servicesto our customers. We at MTC Europackrecognise quality as a factor critical to our success.Our commitment is not only to meet, but exceed our customers' needs. This is evident in the growing emphasis we place on activities designed to increase the quality of our products and services:

We are committed to continuously evaluate our systems, processes, resources and organizational structure to ensure that we are aligned to achieve quality results.

We will strive to be recognized as the supplier of choice by our customers and our partners. We will exceed the expectations of those we serve and support.

We will provide the best quality products and services at the most competitive pricing. We will improve effectiveness by continuously reviewing our best business practices and realigning to meet the customer's needs.

We believe that consideration of the environment is a fundamental requirement for a healthy and sustainable business.

We are looking forward to your questions, comments and enquiries.

The MTC Europack team.


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