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Tel.: 044 20 3286 4086
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Career Opportunity: External Associates

MTC Europack, in order to accomplish its goals, is looking for qualified and professionally oriented external associates in order to deliver its products and services. MTC Europack provides an attractive royalties package for its Associates Program. 

How Does the MTC Europack External Associates Program Work?

Our Program is an easy and exciting way for you to work with us, to enhance your entrepreneurship abilities and to be a successful sales consultant in the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industry. By simply joining us, you can earn generous fees from sales or referrals. For example, you can promote and sell any of our products and gain a high commission (external associate), if you prefer not to do the sale yourself, you can give us a solid business referral (lead report) and still gain a satisfactory referral fee after the sale (referral associate).
No matter how you choose to join us, you will get paid on all sales.

Who can be our External Associate?

Anyone with some experience in Pharmaceutical and/or Cosmetic packaging sales or an appropriate University degree can be an MTC Europack external Associate. An Associate can represent us in several areas of MTC Europack ‘s services and/or products.
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