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Primary Packaging     

Our standard packaging for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical use covers the full range of primary packaging needs for the industry. In the fields of glass, aluminum and plastic we offer our customers not only a wide range of standard products but also a high level of development expertise for innovative forms of drug delivery.

  • Plastic and Glass packaging for solids
  • Plastic and Glass for liquids
  • Ampoules
  • Aluminum cans
  • Continuous valves
  • Collapsible aluminum tubes
  • Plastic and laminated tubes
  • Glass/plastic jars
  • Vaginal applicators
  • Plastic and aluminum caps
  • Accessories
  • Airless containers and tubes
  • Pharmaceutical  pumps
  • Dry  Powder Inhalers


All  our products meet the highest technical standards and are fully supported by documentation for EU Pharmacopia and US FDA. We can meet practically every customer's demand with original products while keeping to our principal of competitive pricing. 

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